Turn “You’re Crazy” Into Your Purpose Bootcamp

Round 9

Coming Summer 2019!

Over the last 3 years, Amber Valdez has lead over 150 International graduates ranging from healers to students, moms, doctors, entrepreneurs and more, through the Turn “You’re Crazy” Into Your Purpose six week virtual bootcamp.

She has witnessed her students’ lives improve beyond what they could’ve imagined. She’s seen them manifest abundance, expand their joy within themselves, and improve relationships as their dreams were manifested.

Upon graduation day, every single participant has learned how to own their purpose. They graduate with their souls on fire with a newfound clarity, stepping into action with a cheer squad of Light Workers by their side. As a result EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in their lives has benefited!

Every day, Light Workers just like you have made themselves top priority by participating in this bootcamp, and now YOU can too!

Through the power of experiential, collaborative, real-time learning within a group coaching setting and Amber Valdez as your cheer captain, graduates learn to release stress and anxiety, powerful mindset and self-talk, gain a new sense of trust in themselves, and most importantly, how to choose powerfully and act in spite of fear.

After just six short weeks of working with Amber, YOU will be inspired to act on your happiness, manifest your dreams and begin to follow your life purpose… Are you ready to seize the opportunity??

Turn “You’re Crazy” Into Your Purpose is for you if:

You desire to learn meditation and create a solid morning routine.

You desire to learn how to love yourself in a deeper way and own your self-worth.

You desire to remember why you came to this planet.

You’re ready to make YOU a top priority.

You desire more joy and peace in your life.

You want to learn how to manifest more of what you want.

You’re ready to learn how to release the stress and anxiety you feel.

You wish you knew how to trust yourself and want to stop looking for confirmation or acknowledgement from others.

You crave the support of a cheer squad of light workers and a captain like Amber on your sidelines.

You realize it’s time to get off the “crazy” train (doing the same thing and expecting a different result).

“Before working with Amber, I had a vision, but didn’t know how to execute it. I was using a lot of really negative language. I didn’t believe in myself and my confidence was really low. I didn’t know what I needed to push that extra mile. After working with Amber, she has shifted the way I think and the way I talk to myself. Her bootcamp help me boost the confidence I have and just gave me so many ideas for marketing and branding what I really wanted to do.”

Carly Mearman
Nutrition, Paleo & Fitness Coach, Atlanta, Georgia

If you know what your purpose is but you still need:

Support: You are clear on your purpose but family and friends around you just don’t ‘get it’. You could use a supportive cheer squad to motivate, inspire, and believe in you.

To Learn To Meditate: Maybe you have tried meditation before and it hasn’t “worked” or you have a desire to learn. You feel ungrounded or anxious often.

To Master a Morning Routine (“Me time”): You desire to make time for yourself but can’t seem to find time for it. You put everyone and everything first and feel rushed into your day. You give to everyone else and find yourself stressed, rushed, overwhelmed or exhausted.

Accountability: You have the best intentions to commit, get busy or start living your purpose but you break your word to yourself when no ones watching. For some reason you still haven’t create what you want in life, or can’t find the time to work on yourself.

To Use Empowering Language: You often use hope, wish & want when sharing your desires but they never seem to manifest. You’d like to speak less negatively or stop talking about the reasons why it can’t work, hasn’t worked or probably won’t work.

To Trust Yourself: You still question yourself and constantly seek out advice or approval. You get ready to ‘get ready’ and find it hard to take real action steps.

“I learned to meditate and how to quiet my mind. I learned that me-time is non negotiable. I learned to attract whatever it is that I want and to live in a place of joy and gratitude on a daily basis, which was huge for me. Ultimately, at the end of the Bootcamp I learned to really own my purpose. Amber leads the way in such gracious excitement. I’m telling you she is the bomb.com when it comes to being your #1 cheerleader. So I highly recommend taking Amber’s course – you will not be disappointed!”

Carrie English
Momprenuer, Ontario, Canada

“The reason why I wanted to take the course is I was turning 50 this year and really wanted get clear on what my purpose is. A few of the things that I took away from the Bootamp: I learned to meditate. I never really knew how to meditate before, but I learned how to quiet my mind. I learned that me-time is non negotiable, I learned to attract whatever it is that I want, I learned to live in a place of joy and grattitude on a daily basis, which was huge for me. Ultimately, at the end of the Bootcamp I learned to really own my purpose. Amber leads the way in such gracious excitement. I’m telling you she is the bomb.com when it comes to being your number one cheerleader, so I highly recommend taking Amber’s course – you will not be disppointed!”

Carrie English, Momtrepenuer, Ontario, Canada, Bootcamp 6 Grad

What can you expect over the 6 week journey?

Learn tools to get connected to your internal compass i.e. higher power/spirit and/or higher self.

Learn how to lead your life, take action and make choices from alignment versus your ego (self-sabotage/default habits).

Enjoy a safe space to explore your gifts, own your voice and discover what lights you up (your purpose, baby!).

Learn and practice powerful language to elevate your relationships, business, finances and intentionally manifest!

Join an international cheer squad of like-minded Light Workers, create lasting friendships, and be inspired by those that have your back and believe in you!

Be more, do less and create more from alignment and flow -vs- hustle!

Learn to have more fun, trust yourself, and lighten up.

And most importantly, get clarity on your purpose & feel inspired to live it!

What You Will Receive Over the 6 Week Journey:

1. An accountability buddy to encourage you and support your goals.

2. Access to a private Facebook group that will serve as a safe space to share, be seen, be heard and receive support.

3. 12+ hours of live virtual group coaching via the Zoom Video Conferencing App. Take our weekly sessions from your phone or computer (even in your Pj’s if you’d like!).

4. A tribe of Light Workers from around the globe who are also committed to growing, shining bright and supporting you in your growth, getting clear on your purpose.

5. AMBER! Your personal cheerleader to CHEER YOU ON! Amber will inspire you, love on you, be the wind beneath your wings, call you up into your greatness and out of your BS! She will light that fire under your booty that is necessary to PUT YOURSELF FIRST, and raise your vibration so you can get clear on your purpose and change this world along side her!

Bonus Masterclasses

Receive 5+ bonus masterclass sessions (a $3000 bonus added value!) with exclusive access to coaching and inspiration from some of the industry’s top thought leaders, self development experts and best-selling authors.

These masterclasses will be covering topics such as breath work, Qigong, self-love, joy, mindset, abundance, emotional intelligence and running a conscious business.

Never before has this level of influence come together to love on and share their secrets exclusively with #TYCIYP students. The amount of value these masterclasses alone will add to your journey and life is priceless.


Preston Smiles

Preston Smiles is an International Speaker, Best Selling Author of Love Louder Now or Never, creator of Stretch 22, The Man Cave and the co-creator of The Bridge Experience worldwide workshops.


Chris Harder

Chris Harder is an Abundance Guru & host of the hit Money Mindset PODCAST. Chris coaches 6 & 7 figure earners in his high-ticket celebrity masterminds. Chris is also ranked a top earner in a global network marketing company.


Kai Van Bodhi

Kai Van Bodhi is the creator of Pathway of Power: Pioneering Ancient Alchemy and Modern Neuroscience for Peak Performance, and he is a speaker and coach to high-level leaders & entrepreneurs.


Charles Clay

Charles Clay is an Empowerment Coach, Neurokinetic Pain Relief Specialist, Speaker and Author. He is creator of the Unleash Your Inner Strength program and facilitates Vacation Vibration retreats in Bali.


Pagan George

Pagan George has been my personal spiritual mentor/healer for the past 10 years. Pagan is a Shaman, Yoga Practitioner and Teacher Trainer, Reiki and Qigong Master and facilitates trainings worldwide.



Here’s what the Industries Top Leaders are saying about Amber:

“If you have the opportunity to work with Amber, please do yourself a favor and get in with her as soon as possible! She’s an extraordinary person who is constantly fine-tuning her own instrument so she can serve in the highest capacity and truly help others transform their lives.”

Alexi Panos
Global Philanthropist & Author of “50 Ways to YAY!” and “Now or Never”

“Amber gets to the emotional roots of an issue and she hits on it in a way where you cannot hide from yourself anymore. Then acts as your cheerleader so you can address your fundamental unwillingness to move forward in life and start rocking. After seeing the results she generates with her clients, if you’re thinking about investing in yourself with Amber’s help, it’s a no-brainer. Do it! You’re going to take off…”

Alexander Fairman
Empathic Leader of Men and Co-Founder of Next Level Coaches

“Amber is not only a friend, but is someone I go to in times of need. She is somebody I have hired to coach my people because she is so good at what she does. If you are even considering working with Amber, it’s an absolute YES right now. Get around her, get in her energy. Remember: we are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with. And if you can spend time with Amber Valdez, you win every single time.”

Preston Smiles
Author of “Love Louder”, “Now or Never”, & Founder of The Man Cave

As Amber is fully committed to keeping this experience intimate. 
Get on the waitlist NOW as every bootcamp has SOLD OUT
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Here’s what students are saying about Amber:

“I really feel like I now have the inspiration and motivation to make my dreams a reality. I found a whole new level of self-love that I couldn’t have imagined. The breakthroughs I had were next level. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Amber, for the amazing group of people that went on this journey with me, and I’m so excited for what’s next! If you’re thinking about it joining Amber for one of her bootcamps, I encourage you to step up and take action. You won’t regret it!”

Rochelle Faimalo
Community Leader & Clifton Strengths Coach, New Zealand – Bootcamp 6 Grad

“Amber really is the ultimate cheerleader. She’s rooting for you to be successful and to achieve your goals. She tells you what you need to hear, which is sometimes hard, but necessary for self-growth. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your story is, she’ll find a way to relate to you, which I think is a beautiful gift. In bootcamp, you will find a supportive community without judgment, just like-minded people who build each other up, want each other to succeed, and invite healing into your life.

Azadeh Malekan,
ASL Professor/Mentor and Language Guru, Long Island, New York –
 Bootcamp 5 Grad

“I decided to take Amber’s bootcamp because I was feeling really lost in my life. I didn’t really believe in my capabilities, which brought a lot of confusion and anxiety into my experience. In Amber’s bootcamp I learned the importance of committing to putting myself first so that I can plug into my own guidance system and show up more powerfully in my life. I recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their lives or who really want to level up.”

Ali Cala 
Personal Trainer, Central Coast, Australia – Bootcamp 6 Grad

“This bootcamp was a gift for me to put myself first, commit to something and stick with it. I love my excuses and I loved to hide, up until this bootcamp. I nicknamed Amber “The Bullshit Police” because she was willing to call me on my excuses – which I really appreciated. She kept me to my word. I learned self-love is about making a decision, getting clear and following through to myself and it was really huge! I look forward to working with Amber again!”

Jessie Oswald
Yoga Instructor, Brooklyn, New York – Bootcamp 5 Grad

Amber’s Story

After ten years of on-camera TV experience, Amber dove into self-development and learned to love herself and own her worth. She finally made the shift into living her true purpose as a life coach and YOUR Life Purpose Cheerleader.

It wasn’t until Amber turned her “mess” into her message, and her pain into her power that she was able to connect deeply with viewers on live stream. When she did, she went from 700 to 10,000 followers overnight. 

Since then, her business has blown up and her influence, success, and impact has reached heights she could never have imagined!

By using the “crazy” tools, mindset and practices Amber teaches in this bootcamp she has:

  • Authored a  #1 Amazon Best Seller
  • Built an International coaching biz
  • Gathered a global audience and loyal social media following
  • Acquired worldwide speaking opportunities and co-coaching opportunities
  • Established a loyal, supportive cheer squad of Light Workers from all over the world 
  • Collaborated and fostered relationships with top Self-Development & Network Marketing Leaders, Authors, Podcasters, You Tubers & Influencers
  • Sold out all of her online programs to date
  • Fully fundraised two trips to build clean water wells in Tanzania, Africa with EPIC: THE MOVEMENT 
  • Been featured on several podcasts worldwide
  • Utilized the feel fear and do it anyway mentality
  • Made powerful choices from alignment versus ego

If Amber can create all of that from her “crazy” practices, reprograming her old beliefs and creating new epic habits, then so can you! In the Turn “Your’e Crazy” Into Your Purpose Bootcamp she will teach you how!