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Top List of Spiritual Careers: Get Paid For Your Spiritual Gifts!

Hey, fellow lightworker! Are you looking for a list of spiritual careers where you can get paid for your gifts and your purpose? Are you  feeling stuck right now? There is something here on this Earth that you were called to do and there is no reason to stay in a career that doesn’t line up with that. You deserve better! There is nothing like the feeling of waking up every day knowing that you are fulfilling your true life purpose. Know that it is 100% possible for you to get paid for your purpose and your gifts and to create the perfect spiritual career like I did.

Holistic Healthcare Careers

This first list of spiritual careers is for those of you who want to heal others through holistic medicine and healthcare. There is literally nothing like the feeling of being able to use your gifts and your knowledge to heal people. Plus, holistic and natural medicine does more than just heal, it inspires people. As a spiritual healer, you can inspire people to take control of their own lives and their own wellbeing. Does that sound like your purpose? Consider being a:

  1. Acupuncturist
  2. Aromatherapist
  3. Ayurvedic doctor
  4. Chiropractor
  5. Crystal healer or chakra healer
  6. Herbalist
  7. Homeopathic doctor
  8. Iridologist
  9. Massage therapist
  10. Naturopathic doctor
  11. Psychologist
  12. Reflexologist
  13. Reiki healer, reiki practitioner
  14. Sound healer, sound therapist

Teaching, Guiding and Coaching Careers

One of the best things about being a lightworker is being able to share my message and light with the world through my mentorship and guidance. If you’re like me and find value in supporting and guiding others to find their purpose, love themselves and live their best life, you may want to take the path of teaching, coaching, or divine instructing. These can be especially fruitful if you work well with people and have an intuitive part of you that allows you to connect with people on a deep level. If your purpose is impacting others through spiritual guidance, teaching, mentoring, or divine instruction, consider being a:

  1. Spiritual, life, business, or relationship coach
  2. Martial arts instructor (especially Tai-chi and Qigong)
  3. Meditation instructor
  4. Spiritual philosopher
  5. Priest, monk or rabbi
  6. Shaman
  7. Spiritual coach
  8. Tantric teacher
  9. Yoga instructor

Artistic Careers

Do you have an artistic gift or a talent for creating something that can heal this planet? You can take any form of art or creation and turn it into an enlightening career that fulfills your purpose. Many mistake this gift for a “hobby” and assume they cannot get paid for it, which is simply not the case. You can use your artistic abilities to make money and impact this world. Consider a career as a:

  1. Aura photographer
  2. Candlemaker
  3. Henna artist
  4. Musician or singer
  5. Organic beauty product maker
  6. Organic farmer
  7. Painter
  8. Sculpter
  9. Spiritual fashion designer
  10. Spiritual jewelry maker
  11. Talisman maker
  12. Tattoo artist
  13. Writer/author

Astrological, Metaphysical, and Energy Careers

Do you feel most connected when working with the Earth and the metaphysical? Your unique gift does not have to be something you only practice when you get home from your 9 to 5. Aside from the fact that you are gifted, there isn’t a lot of competition in these areas…yet. You can absolutely be successful if your mind is in the right place. You can be a:

  1. Angelogist or angel therapist
  2. Archaeologist
  3. Astrologist
  4. Dowser
  5. Dream interpreter
  6. Geomancer
  7. House clearer/spiritual decor consultant and feng shui practitioner
  8. Hypnotherapist
  9. Medium or psychic
  10. Neuro linguistic programmer
  11. Numerologist
  12. Palm reader
  13. Paranormal investigator
  14. Parapsychologist
  15. Psychic crime investigator
  16. Tarot card reader

Spiritual Business Careers

If you’re business-savvy, great at marketing, or skilled at ecommerce, you can start your own store or online small business. There are endless possibilities for  running a successful business online, like being a:

  1. Blogger and influencer
  2. Metaphysical gift store owner
  3. Spiritual speaker
  4. Spiritual bookstore owner
  5. Spiritual non-profit organizer
  6. Podcast host

Don’t Give Up On Your Purpose

If you have a mission and the drive to succeed, you can turn your purpose into a career and get paid for your unique gifts and medicine. Still unsure on your purpose? Want some guidance and mentorship along the way? Well, it’s no coincidence that you landed on this article, my friend. My purpose is in helping other lightworkers discover their gifts and purpose AND get paid well for them. Check out my “Turn ‘You’re Crazy’ Into Your Purpose” bootcamp to start uncovering yours.

Whatever career you choose, know that as long as you are in alignment and you stay consistent and persistent, you WILL make good money. If your career does not align with your true desires, you’ll have a hard time living out your purpose and you’ll constantly feel drained and unfulfilled. I get it, I’ve been there and I know the feeling. Also, remember that starting a new career takes time and you must be patient. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t pan out right away. If it’s really what you want, you must stay committed. Remember: you matter, you’re worthy, and your purpose matters.


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