Amber Valdez

Best Selling Author, Speaker, and YOUR Life Purpose Cheerleader

My Story

No Cheer Squad

I grew up on welfare in an abusive broken home with no support or encouragement. I had no cheer squad of my own, no one believing in my dreams or rooting me on from the sidelines. That is why I am so committed now to being the cheerleader for others that I never had myself and to cheer on 1 million+ Light Workers, Coaches, Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs and “Momtrepreneurs” to live their purpose.

No Affirmations

Growing up, I had no one affirming that I mattered or that I was worthy. So now I’ve made it my mission and owned my purpose on this planet to let everyone know how much they matter, to show them that they’re worthy and that their purpose matters! I instill this positive mindset and programing into all of my students and clients through my programs, books, live streams and speaking gigs. I guide them on how to use powerful language to become their own biggest cheerleaders so that they may live their purpose, become the happiest version of themselves, and manifest their dreams into reality.

No Vision

In 2014, a year after losing my father and dealing with the end of a toxic relationship, I was on the verge of suicide and realized I needed a change. I knew I was put on this planet to do so much more but was unclear what that was or where to begin. All I knew was my world was no longer in alignment and I had to start somewhere, so I walked away from the entertainment industry and everything I had known.

In the beginning, I found myself slipping backwards, seeking familiar work that wasn’t fulfilling out of desperation, blowing through 10k of savings and ending up in massive credit card debt, feeling as hopeless as I did as a child.

But I believed in myself and the vision I had created for my future. So I went all in! Saying no to everything that didn’t matter, borrowing money from friends, eating the bare minimum to save money, whatever it took!

After diving into tons of self development, hiring a coach, surrounding myself with a tribe that believed in me, staying focused on my purpose, and successfully coaching others along the way, I was finally ready to get my message out there and made the leap to start coaching full time!

No Audience

One️ problem… I had no real audience or following to do so.

So I listened and trusted my intuition and followed through with an idea that took me from 700 to 10,000 followers overnight and BOOM— The Life Purpose Cheerleader and Team Live Your Purpose was born!


I have served hundreds of light workers JUST LIKE YOU worldwide. From students and moms, to doctors and network marketers, artists and even other coaches, leading them all to love themselves in a deeper capacity, own their worth, live their soul assignment and to start getting paid for their purpose!

I have not “arrived” though.

I am a student for life! I have, however, learned a few things along the way that I know will save millions of people from experiencing the suffering I did.

The same tools and practices I used to create clarity, confidence and alignment can also create the same for you and will allow you to live an incredible life where you get paid for your gifts!

I have allowed myself to be vulnerable on live stream and learned to lead from that space as a coach to others. What I found is that the possibilities are limitless when you turn your pain into your power, your “mess” into your message and do the good work to love yourself, raise your vibration, own your gifts, and shine your light and message bright into the world!

Mastering my intuitive guiding system, I powerfully guide others to speak their truth with vulnerability, authenticity and most importantly with confidence; to act from source not ego, to trust, and to follow their own inner compass!


We are all on this crazy journey called life together. We can’t ride this train alone. My goal is to guide and cheer on 1 million+ light workers to do the good work to love themselves so they can own their worth, get paid for their purpose and change the world with me!

Life is easier and more fun with a tribe!

Will you join me?